Addiction intervention should be undertaken before it becomes absolutely necessary or the situation seems to be slipping out of hand at a drastic rate. But how does one detect the onset of abuse of certain harmful and addictive substances? The deteriorating effects of the addiction don’t come to the surface unless until a lot of damage has been done and the person perhaps has reached an advanced stage of addiction.

The symptoms listed below gives the friends and family members of a person a fair idea of when the addiction is setting in and it is advised that as soon as they detect their presence with regular frequency, they are to seek addiction intervention for him in proper addiction treatment centres. The symptoms associated with early stage of addiction are mood swings, depression, anger, seclusion, eccentric behaviour and irrational rage. 

These are to be observed specially in case where a person doesn’t reveal or display an obvious addiction to a certain substance, for example alcohol or cigarettes. The excessive consumption of alcohol or smoking or cigarettes is highly conspicuous and one may as well refer his or her friend the need of addiction intervention to prevent further abuse. 

But in case of illegal or banned substances such as drugs like marijuana, heroin, cocaine, valium, xanex etc, the consumption is always secretive. The social miscreants in order to make huge profits sell these harmful substances to people who are easy to lead astray. Thus, the only way one comes to know of the abuse of drugs is through a keen observation of the victim’s behaviour and an early addiction intervention can prevent a lot miseries. 

It is noteworthy here that the now banned drugs like valium and opiates were once used as drugs for calming the mind and as sedatives respectively. The people who used them once found instant relief from their ailment or pain and thus returned to them whenever the need arose. Slowly and steadily, with over abuse of these drugs, the condition of the patients became almost irreversible and this is when the medical fraternity realised the addictive properties of these and many other drugs and consequently banned them. 

There are good 90% chances that an addiction intervention program will succeed in improving the condition of a person and make him completely fit and healthy. There is absolutely no fix time or addiction stage for the process to begin and it should be begun as soon as the person shows signs of a substance addiction. At addiction treatment centres proper care and attention is paid to the current condition of the addict and under the supervision of professional interventionist, the entire process of addiction treatment is carried out. The program is under no way dependent upon the wilful participation of the addict and to wait for such a time to arrive would only prove futile and lead to more complication. With constant care, support and motivation, the addict has to be convinced of the state of his addiction, the damage that has been done to his system and the impending damage if things are not bought under control. 

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