Auto · February 9, 2023


What does the law prescribe regarding the warranty for hidden defects?

 According to law, in order for the guarantee for hidden defects to be triggered in the case of the sale and purchase of a used car between private individuals, the defect in the thing sold must:

Be hidden, i.e. not visible at the time of purchase of the used car;

render the asset unusable or significantly reduce its use;

Be existing at the time of purchase used honda in sacramento

You will have eight days to report the defect to the seller and you will have to prove the defect. In the event of a legal dispute, litigation can be lengthy and costly. For example, if you find out late that the car was in an accident, you’ll need to prove that the seller knew about it and willfully withheld it from you. It’s not easy! That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to ask all possible questions to the seller.

used car:

Buying a used car from a private individual: what to ask

 Before going to the appointment, make a list of all the potential questions you will have to ask the seller, to avoid forgetting important aspects:

Have him talk about the general condition of the car and its features. Take the opportunity to ask about the origin of the car, the reason for the sale, if it was the first buyer or if he in turn bought it second hand, etc.;

Request an appointment preferably in daylight hours, to be able to inspect the car in all its aspects and in good visibility conditions;

Do not hesitate to have a friend who is an expert in mechanics accompany you, who will help you verify all aspects correctly;

Ask to see the maintenance booklet and all the invoices of the various repairs carried out on the car;

And, of course, ask to try it! Test it on different types of road to evaluate its reactions in acceleration, braking, high speed behavior, test the steering, the gear lever, listen carefully to the engine noises. In short, inspect everything methodically.